Objectively Desirable: Wood

I wanted to write about these gorgeous doors I found in American Craft and had the magazine propped open. I showed someone the spread and they said, I just saw these wood sculptures and thought of you.

Left to right from top:

Yorgen Quent Kvinsland, Ben's Heads

Yorgen Quent Kvinsland, Window Box Beyond

Douglas Glascock, Buckeye Vase

Douglas Glascock, Cedar Vase

Thoughts: About (Sub)Urban Playgrounds and Girls

My elementary school playground had a big cement pipe, like the kind that you see stacked up in pyramids at public works sites. You could sit on top and look at boys (ew) or inside and tell secrets. I imagine older kids snuck in them to make out or smoke. I want one for my backyard. 

I want to find a woman artist to paint it. Inside and out. These plans made me think of LA pools skaters and cool girls.

Left to right: 

Bill Owens, Hockney Painted this Pool, 1980

Unknown Photographer, Tony Alva and Dave Hackett at Nukeland Pipes, 1978

Jim Goodrich, Vicki Vickers, Winchester 1978

Martha Cooper, Kashink, 2013


Objectively Desirable: Artsy

Profile: 1991 Spinnaker Blue Jeep Grand Wagoneer

If there exists a car more romantic than this one, I've yet to see it.

Image courtesy of  ML Pro Account .

Image courtesy of ML Pro Account.

This one lives by a lake. But imagine driving this gorgeous machine on a fine day, blustery and cool, without a cloud in the sky. That color is the aching blue of childhood summers, of jumping with abandon into the ocean. It's the color of a certain kind of innocence, the kind of past we're always reaching back for. Check out those blunt lines, that slight thrust forward, its honest matter-of-factness. This car has the timeless quality of being comfortable in its own skin. Imagine parking it within view of a wide-stranded beach at the edge of the continent. It's a big car for a big country. It consumes road and gas with conscienceless and enduring proficiency. Like a certain kind of large man, it's mellow but you don't fuck with it. You turn off the ignition, but leave the radio on and with the door ajar, prop a foot on the running board. It trails clouds of mid-century grooviness. It's seen a few things, and been places. It doesn't mind much anymore, but it still inspires dreams.

According to the man who owns this one, only about 30 cars this color and model were made in 1991, the last year they were produced. You can find Wagoneers in a range of colors and years all over the internet. Or you can get yourself a top-of-the-line one from WagoneerWorld.com

Thoughts: About Grey and Exteriors

End note

Objectively Desirable: 1st Dibs

Other Interiors: Eichler Houses

I would spend some time in these rooms in a mauve hour.

Images from here. Eichler homes real estate here.

Objectively Desirable: Tributo

My husband turned me on to Tributo. I'm not really sure who they are, what they actually do, or how to buy, but I'm a believer and I want it all. They call themselves "inspired by the poetry of hands".

Some images from their product gallery:

Thoughts: Still Thinking about December and Endings

The end of Serial.

From the text of MoMA's Lyric Suite show in the fall of 1969:

Lyric Suite remains, in a sense, a memorial to two friends: the death of David Smith on May 24, 1965, put a abrupt end to Motherwell's work on the series; the concern for automatism was clarified partly through questions asked by poet Frank O'Hara while he was preparing the Museum's retrospective of Motherwell's work. The artist's gift and loan to the Museum of twenty-nine works from Lyric Suite were made in memory of Frank O'Hara and make possible this exhibit of a small group from the series, which perhaps can never be exhibited in its totality.

All works, Robert Motherwell, Untitled from the series Lyric Suite, 1965

The end of the PEN First Editions/Second Thoughts Auction

Objectively Desirable: Chairish

Objects below from Chairish: